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There is no “one thing” that can add years to your beloved pet’s life. We believe that many small changes to your pet care routine as your pet matures can add hours and days. Those days add up to weeks and years of good health and vitality. Here are some tips, tricks, advice and news that may help you enjoy more time with your pet.

March is Pet Poison Awareness Month

Knowing what is toxic to your pets can save their life

It is important to be aware of toxic substances and how to prepare and prevent against exposure for your pet(s).

Top 10 Dog Poisons:

-Mouse and Rat Poisons
-Anti-inflammatory Medications
-Grapes and raisins
-Antidepressant Medications
-Vitamins (Especially chewable ones)
-Prescription drugs such as stimulants
-Fertilizers and Pesticides

Top 10 Cat Poisons:

-Spot on flea and tick medications
-Household cleaners
-Essential Oils
-Mouse and Rat Poisons
-Stimulant Medications
-Onions and garlic
-Vitamin D overdose

In an emergency please call the  “Pet Poison Hotline” or your local Emergency.
Hotline: 1-855-764-7661