Surprise Your Pet On It’s Birthday

Is your perfect pup celebrating a birthday? Is your cute kitty ready to start another year of protecting your home from birds and squirrels? Your pet is ready to get spoiled rotten and they are counting on you to do it!

Birthday planning requires a little lead time. Is it going to be just you and your furfriend? If you are going to enjoy a small family gathering, try creating a home-made birthday cake from your own recipe! Many cats enjoy canned tuna or salmon mixed with their regular food. Use a food processor to mix your ingredients together and form them into a cake using a cookie cutter, poached egg cup or even a cup measure. You can powder then dust some cat kibble as an icing.

Thinking of hosting a full on pet party? Pupcakes are a great treat for all of your fur guests. Want to make it more human friendly? Use a simple box cake recipe with cupcake molds or dog specific cupcake mold.

We take our game up a notch with our home-made meat-cakes. Our dogs enjoy a raw or baked ground meat layer cake, firmed with egg or gelatin with the choice of a whipped cream, cream cheese or duck fat icing. Our cats get a smaller cake of raw ground rabbit with a tuna mousse icing. We bake a number of these cakes every few months and thaw them over night to decorate.

Set up a small pool, lots of toys, treats and a water bowel for your pet-guests. Extra towels and crates will give them a safe, dry place to rest between play time. Don’t forget a goodie bag!! Every pet parent will appreciate a piece of pizzle, a roll of poop bags or a handful of dog treats.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras