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Grooming Services

All Breeds, All Sizes, All Shapes

Creating Your Pristine Puppy

Our groomers are the best in the business!

Not only do we specialize in the intricate scissor work required for purebred and sub-breed specific cuts, but our expertise in animal temperament allows us to manage and rehabilitate dogs that have had difficult experiences with grooming.

Our talents don’t stop there. We focuses on the total experience of your pet and ensures that they feel safe, comfortable and secure while visiting.

We use the industry’s top salon and grooming products to ensure that your pet’s skin and coat remains soft, healthy and mat free.

Looking to freshen your kitty companion? Need a nail trim on a bird, Hamster or Guinea Pig? Our skills extend to all animals fuzzy or feathered!

Interested in booking us for your pet’s one-of-a-kind spa experience?

Call Furry Friends Pet Resort at (905) 725-6210 or reserve your appointment online here.