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Services and Pricing

If we don’t have a service you need listed,
please let us know.
We will do our very best
to accommodate you.

Daycare Price
For dogs who live to lounge
or feel the need for speed!
$40.00 full day daycare*
Second dog $28.00*
$25.00 morning only daycare*
Second dog $17.00*
Daycare Packages
5 Day PackageSave $20$180.00*
10 Day PackageSave $60$340.00*
20 Day PackageSave $180$620.00*
2 dog 10 Day PackageSave $270$530.00*
Don’t forget to add a nail trim while visiting!
*prices do not include tax


It's like a walk in the park
It’s a lovely day for a Country Walk!!
Standard Suite (4×6)1 dog$55.00 per night*
Standard Suite (4×6)2 dogs$70.00 per night*
Standard Suite (4×6)3 dogs$85.00 per night*
Large Suite (6×6)1-2 dogs$75.00 per night*
Large Suite (6×6)3 dogs$90.00 per night*
Extra Large Suite (8×6)1-2 dogs$85.00 per night*
Extra Large Suite (8×6)3 dogs$100.00 per night*
Extra Large Suite (8×6)4 dogs$115.00 per night*
Dog Condo (suitable for small breeds)1 dog$45.00 per night*
Dog Condo (suitable for small breeds)2 dogs$60.00 per night*
XL Dog Condo (Pup Lodge)1 dog$51.00 per night*
XL Dog Condo (Pup Lodge)2 dogs$66.00 per night*
Jumbo Dog Condo (Pup Lodge)1 dog$53.00 per night*
Jumbo Dog Condo (Pup Lodge)2 dogs$68.00 per night*
Jumbo Dog Condo (Pup Lodge)3 dogs$83.00 per night*
Cat Condo1 cat$35.00 per night*
Cat Condo2 cats$50.00 per night*
Cat Condo3 cats$65.00 per night*
Pocket Pets
(Hamsters etc)
1 pet$25.00 per night*
Pocket Pets
(Hamsters etc)
2 pets$40.00 per night*
Pocket Pets
(Hamsters etc)
3 pets$50.00 per night*
When choosing an accommodation size, ensure that the dog(s) are comfortable and that the space is roomy.
All Standard suites and Condos will hold 2 or more dogs that are small to medium size.
Owners must bring their own cage for pocket pets.
Please email us at info@furryfriendspetresort if you have any sizing questions
Pup Addons
Multi-DogPer dog, same Suite.
Dogs must be of a size to stay comfortably.
$15.00 per night*
Play and StayAdd some fun to your boarding stay!!
Put your pup in our daycare program!
$12.00 per dog per day*
Country Walk30 minutes of quality one on one time with our Care Team so they can explore our 10 acres of paradise together. $17.00*
Call Us for Your Special Pricing!!
Multi-DogExtended (10 days+)

*not including tax
Our Dog suites
Our Standard Suite
I love my Kuranda Bed and Kong Surprise!!
Our Stainless Steel veterinary-grade Condos comfortably fit both
small dogs and big Maine Coons!

Bells and Whistles

So yummy!
My Mom got me a Kong Surprise!
In House Dog Food
We proudly serve Acana Classic Red. ACANA Classic Red is a superior dog food packed with nourishing protein from whole animal ingredients, including meat, organs, and cartilage from grass-fed lamb, ranch-raised beef, and Yorkshire pork.Starting at $5 per meal*
Snacks and Treats
Kong Surprise$7*
Your pup relaxes with a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and Rice Krispies
Slow Roasted Beef Backstraps$7-$10*
Your pup will enjoy one of our home-made beef backstraps. Available in sizes small to JUMBO, these are great for big chewers who want healthy teeth.
We have a selection of Raw Food for your convenience!!
Nail Trim$15*
Nail Grinding$20*
Ear Cleaning$15*
Rinse and Run$25*
Our Rinse and Run service is for those dirty dogs who had way too much fun in the mud and need a quick wash before heading for home. These pups are towel dried and put in a warm area to air-dry before going home. *please note: We cannot guarantee that these pups will be fully dry upon pickup. Drying time depends on length of hair and arrival time of the pup-parent.
Don’t forget, we also offer full grooming services! If your pup needs a trim or a full blow-out, let us know!!
Sick Puppy?
If your dog is recovering from spay/neuter or other surgery, we can help!
We have a licensed Veterinary Nurse on staff.
Wound dressing (supplies provided by owner), per day$5 and up, pricing depends on size, supplies provided and time needed*
Oral/Topical/Non-injected Medications$5 per night
Injectable Medications (Insulin etc.)$25 per night
Special needs pets are just plain special! We have experience caring for animals who have cognitive illness, bladder or bowel dysfunction, paralysis and other unique conditions. Ask us how we can help!
Sorry, we cannot accommodate dogs who are recovering from transmittable diseases like kennel cough, parvo or distemper.
*prices do not include tax