Pet Poison Awareness

It is important to be aware of toxic substances and how to prepare and prevent against exposure for your pet(s).

Top 10 Dog Poisons:

-Mouse and Rat Poisons
-Anti-inflammatory Medications
-Grapes and raisins
-Antidepressant Medications
-Vitamins (Especially chewable ones)
-Prescription drugs such as stimulants
-Fertilizers and Pesticides

Top 10 Cat Poisons:

-Spot on flea and tick medications
-Household cleaners
-Essential Oils
-Mouse and Rat Poisons
-Stimulant Medications
-Onions and garlic
-Vitamin D overdose

In an emergency please call the  “Pet Poison Hotline” or your local Emergency.
Hotline: 1-855-764-7661