Paws For Thought – Getting Through Tick Season

There are a whole lot of scary tick diseases your dog can catch from pests.
So … what classifies as a pest?
Pests include insects like ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies and others. Especially ticks.
Ticks carry and transmit a whole range of different diseases from Lyme disease to canine ehrlichiosis and more.
Do you know how to spot these diseases and how to treat them safely and effectively?

Keep an eye out for:

You may see very pale or yellow gums and eyes.
Fatigue, vomiting or even collapse can also occur.
These symptoms are very serious and need prompt attention.
With all the other blood-borne diseases, you will most commonly see:
Edema (swelling, usually around the joints).

These signs may not develop until weeks or even months after your dog was bitten.
Speak to your Veterinary Clinic if any of these symptoms are present in your dog as they can prescribe antibiotics or provide further treatment if needed.