Resort Boarding & Daycare Policies

We plan for your pet’s stay and comfort.
Our Resort policies and procedures ensure we have enough of our Care Team and resources to provide the best care possible

Your Pet, Our Resort

Dog Daycare, Playcare, Boarding, Events, Grooming or Training.
We are a full service Dog Hotel and Conference Center cleverly disguised as a Resort!

More information on our Resort Boarding and Daycare policies is available when you set up your self-serve account here.

CancellationsWe understand that the unexpected is, well, unexpected. Occasionally, last-minute cancellations and no-shows affect our Care Team and the bottom line. If we can’t fill the space, penalties may apply.
Dog BehaviourEven a good dog will misbehave occasionally. We use positive, harm-free techniques to help guide your pup back to that well behaved dog we know they are.
Sometimes our redirection techniques are not effective. Even your perfect pooch may need a little time-out or their own play area to consider the error of their ways.
Very rarely, we get that one special dog that does not enjoy the perks of our Resort. We focus on the well-being of that dog and work with the pet parents to find the right option.
Illness or InjuryWe go to unbelievable lengths to ensure that all dogs remain safe and happy in our care. Your pup is under constant supervision and only interacts with dogs that have been carefully evaluated for temperament and behaviour.
Like any kid in a playground, there is still a chance that your pup is going to come home with bumps or bruises from a busy day of play.
Our entire Care Team is dog behaviour trained and First Aid certified.
We take our commitment to your dog’s safety very, very seriously, however, we cannot assume responsibility for dogs being dogs.
PaymentWe offer debit, credit, etransfer and cash as payment options.
More information on our Terms and Conditions, Payment and Boarding/Daycare policy is available when you set up your self-serve account here
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Our Resort is situated on 10 acres of rolling farmland