Dogs Can Get Sunburn, Believe it or Not!

Just like Humans dogs can become sunburned with too much sun exposure! 🥵

The harmful UV rays can damage skin cells quickly, often in less than an hour.

There are dogs with a higher risk whom have shorter or thinner hair, but for the majority it is best to be cautious and know the most common areas to watch out for;

-Ear flaps

-Bridge of the nose

-Thinner hair areas such as the face near eyes and mouth

-Belly and groin

Signs and symptoms can include red or pink skin, hair loss, dry, cracked skin, rashes, or fever.

To treat sunburn you can place a cool compress on the affected area(s), or place aloe vera on the areas. If severe please see your vet as medications or creams may be required.

There are some dog safe sunscreens to prevent a bur, as well as UV-blocking shirts and bodysuits.

Please make sure your floof is safe this summer!🔥☀️