Our exceptional care standards are important, but we really go above and beyond.
We invite you to compare our accomplishments against the other care providers you are considering.

An Exceptionally Qualified Care Team

-Our Care Team are Pet CPR and First Aid trained
-They are also trained in animal behaviour, including body language and stress signals .
-They are able to read early warning signs of discomfort or illness.
-Our Care Team monitors each pet’s feeding and elimination patterns.
-We know when to seek veterinarian care for abnormal behaviour.
-We openly communicate behaviour and observations with clients

Compassion Matters

– Our Care Team documents behaviour and pet care preferences prior and during intake.
-Recognizes each pet as an individual by not using a one size-fits-all approach.
-Spends time understanding each individual pet’s needs.
-Genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the pet.
-Has individual care protocols for each pet in their care
-Uses tools to reward good behaviour.
-Offers a variety of activities for differing levels and ages
-Looks forward to working with Pet Parents and their Family.

Safe handling of Pets

-Pet containment or leash management protocols are required by the Resort for anyone handling a pet.
-Safe handling and pet control techniques are employed by our Care Team.
-Our Care Team has also been trained in behaviour management including aggression.
-We use tools and a positive wording to encourage good behaviour.
-The Resort provides a variety of enrichment items such as obstacles, sleep/rest areas and activities for differing ages and abilities.
-We provide private rest areas with comfortable bedding and relaxing music.
-Our Resort has 14 fenced play areas. We have the largest outdoor secured space of any Pet Care facility in Ontario. This makes us uniquely suited to managing pets who require minimal contact.

Responsible Business Practices

-Our Resort is insured.
-We are a member of local business organizations and professional Pet Care Associations.
-We contribute to the community through fund raising, volunteering or education in pet care.
-We have an ongoing education program for our Care Team.

Resort Safety

-Our Resort has proper gate and fence structures to safely contain the pets. (minimum 6 ft)
-External gate redundancy
-Hazard-free environment.
-Climate controlled.
24 hour remote monitoring and control of heat, air conditioning, smoke/CO2 -and security systems.
-Clean with minimal odours
-Proper staff to pet ratios

Resort Cleanliness and Health

-Our Care Team check that pets are healthy upon arrival
-We have minimum vaccination standards on all pets in our care.
-We obtain current vaccination records for all pets.
-Our Care Team openly discusses the communicable diseases are in our community.
-Our cleaning products are chosen to have a minimum impact on pets.
-Our Resort uses proper hygiene protocols to clean and sterilize pet occupied spaces.

Emergency Preparedness

-We have procedures for handling illness, injury, escape, natural disasters, and utility outages.
-Fire extinguishers, smoke and CO2 detectors are strategically located throughout the Resort.
-We have 24-hour care located on-site
-You would think that a Resort like ours would have a massive backup generator and a redundant water supply system, right? We do!

Customer Relationship Support

-Our online system gives you a portal to arrange booking and stay information
-Your portal allow you to provide detailed care instructions
-Requests multiple methods of contact for you
-Requests emergency contact information
-Provides pet updates.
-Documents illness and injury.

Qualified to Operate

-Our Resort complies with all municipal bylaws
-We pass all annual and on demand inspections.
-Our Resort has Standard Operating Procedures.
-Our Resort is legally allow to house the pets in it’s care.